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Editable pdf versions of JCSP pads/posters


Description Resource
321 notepad (editable pdf) 321 Notepads.pdfPDF File
556.2 KB, 14/01/2021
ABCC notepad (KWHL in Irish) (editable pdf) ABCC Gaeilge Notepads.pdfPDF File
720.2 KB, 14/01/2021
Ag Obair i d'Aonar (editable pdf) Ag Obair i d’Aonar.pdfPDF File
684.2 KB, 14/01/2021
Ag Obair le Daoine Eile (editable pdf) Ag Obair le Daoine Eile.pdfPDF File
62.5 KB, 14/01/2021
Attendance notepad (editable pdf) Attendance.pdfPDF File
554 KB, 14/01/2021
Blank statement (editable pdf) Blank Statement.pdfPDF File
138.9 KB, 14/01/2021
Eochairfhocail le Bheith ar Eolas (editable pdf) Eochairfhocail le Bheith ar Eolas.pdfPDF File
113.3 KB, 14/01/2021
Keywords poster (editable pdf) Keywords Poster.pdfPDF File
3 MB, 14/01/2021
Keywords to Know (word) Keywords to Know Notepads.docWord File
128.6 KB, 14/01/2021
KWHL notepad (word) KWHL Notepads.docWord File
125 KB, 14/01/2021
Liosta Eochairfhocal (editable pdf) Liosta Eochairfhocal Notepads.pdfPDF File
3.1 MB, 14/01/2021
Main Idea (editable pdf) Main Idea Pads.pdfPDF File
839.1 KB, 14/01/2021
Obair Baile (editable pdf) Obair Baile Notepads.pdfPDF File
75.9 KB, 14/01/2021
Punctuality notepad (editable pdf) Punctuality Progress Cards.pdfPDF File
555.2 KB, 14/01/2021
Tinreamh (editable pdf) Tinreamh Notepads.pdfPDF File
597.4 KB, 14/01/2021
Visual Verbal Pad (editable pdf) Visual Verbal Pad.pdfPDF File
121 KB, 14/01/2021
Working on your own (editable pdf) Work on your Own Progress Pads.pdfPDF File
549.3 KB, 14/01/2021
Working with others (editable pdf) Working with Others Progress Pads.pdfPDF File
67 KB, 14/01/2021
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