The Reading Medley

(Category: Reading)
The Reading Medley is a reading initiative targeting first year students. It is built on the best practice emerging from schools. Many schools are already running a number of reading initiatives with a year group. So this initiatives asks that you put together a medley of existing JCSP Reading initiatives to form a full first year reading programme. It is envisaged that at least one JCSP reading initiative is implemented with the chosen group each term. Schools applying for this initiative are invited to choose three reading initiatives from the suite of JCSP reading initiatives. In order to ensure sustained interest in reading, enhanced funding is available for this initiative to support the purchase of age appropriate reading materials. This may supplement your JCSP reading Corner if you have one or help to put one in place if you do not have one yet.

This initiative is not a new one, rather a way of structuring your reading initiatives to maximize the benefit to your students. This initiative seeks to investigate the impact of a planned and sustained approach to improving reading. A research dimension is an integral component of this initiative, which necessitates pre and post testing of the target group and the maintenance of an initiative log for the duration of the initiative. Students are not tested at the end of each initiative but only at the beginning of the year and post tested at the end. You will no doubt see the benefits of actively sustaining reading throughout the whole of first year.