(Category: General JCSP)
This initiative is in place to support activities that encourage a positive relationship with homework for JCSP students in school. It is hoped that the support allows schools to put in place strategies that enable students to fully understand the homework given and can complete it thriugh scaffolded exercises.Some may use graphic organisers, writing frames, DART activities(Directed Activities Related to Text)such as cloze exercises, prediction, sequencing, labeling exercises, classification etc.It could also build on the keyword strategy. The use of summarizing and study strategies could also be employed.In other schools a fresh look at the useof the journal to support and track successful homework practices may become the focus. You may wish to concentrate on a small number of subjects or have a strategy that spans all subjects for a specified period.Clarity and structure for doing homework may also be supported by allowing some facility in school to begin homework, ideally providing some supports initially. It is hoped that the successful strategies could be shared with the network of schools. The subvention is available to buy appropriate materials to support homework and for a celebration of the success of the initiative with JCSP students.