Film Making Initiative

(Category: General JCSP)
Film is a powerful medium to work with JCSP students, a medium that they can relate to and enjoy as they learn so many skills. This initiative offers schools an opportunity to explore the area of digital film making as a small group of schools will be offered an opportunity to participate in a very exciting project where students and teachers will be taught the art of film making over the course of producing a film. Under the guidance of professional film – makers the group will be brought through a journey towards making their own fiction film.

Professional film makers will visit your school for 3 days over the course of the year to work with a group of students and will also offer online support as well as teaching materials including specifically tailored training videos.

Not only will your students produce a video as a result of the initiative, learning storyboarding, screenwriting, directing, camera, lighting, sound and editing but also teachers will be trained in some of the practical end so that they can monitor the progress of the students. Teachers will also be able to get involved creatively as much as they want/see fit/have the time.

No more than the usual school equipment (particularly a video camera) is needed for participation. Similar to the JCSP author in residence initiative, here the artists will be film makers as you too become a film maker, Steven Spielberg watch out!!!!