Paired Maths

(Category: Numeracy)
This initiative provides opportunities for participating schools to plan and develop a framework for linking Fifth Year/Transition Year students with JCSP students in order to support the development and enhancement of mathematical and numerical competencies among JCSP students. Also, JCSP students can be paired with students from the primary school. The JCSP students will perform the role of peer tutors to the younger students.

A research dimension is included in this initiative, which necessitates pre- and post-testing and the maintenance of a project journal throughout the duration of the initiative.


• The funding is available for schools to develop a “Paired Maths" project where Fifth Year/Transition Year/LCA students (or parents) work with JCSP students in order to support the development and enhancement of their mathematical and numerical competencies.
• Enclosed is an extract from Keith Topping’s guidelines on how to develop and implement a Paired Maths programme.
• The following support materials are also available: “LUVE 2C You” bookmarks and posters, “Computational Clocks” posters and folder-inserts and maths achievement certificates. Information on the France Test is provided together with a list of recommended mathematical resources, useful websites and the names of some educational suppliers.
• Please enclose in your evaluation a detailed description of the activities undertaken in the running of the initiative along with any relevant photographs of the activities undertaken. We would be very grateful if the photos are sent to us digitally as the quality is great for publications. Please make sure that you have sought permission from parents/guardians to use the photos in publications. Some schools write to all parents asking them to make contact with the school if they object to photos being published.
• The evaluation should be submitted online at www.jcsp.ie. More details below.
• A research dimension is included in this initiative. Schools are requested to implement pre-and post-testing (Maths competency test here https://pdst.ie/node/2879) or the school's own test/survey