Paired Reading Top Up

(Category: Reading)
Paired Reading Top Up offers schools funding to purchase more books for their paired reading project which is already up and running but needs to be restocked.Students are afforded an opportunity to complete statements CC 51 and 54.


• The funding is available for schools to Top Up materials needed to run this initiative.
• The following materials will be sent to schools: Paired Reading teacher guidelines; Paired Reading tutor training video ‘Everyone Reads’; Paired Reading student achievement certificate; Paired reading tutor achievement certificate and a variety of bookmarks.
• Also please consult your copy of Time to Read, Quinn & Somers (2007), a JCSP production.
• Please enclose in your evaluation a detailed description of the activities undertaken in the running of the initiative along with any relevant photographs of the activities undertaken. We would be very grateful if the photos are sent to us digitally as the quality is great for publications. Please make sure that you have sought permission from parents/guardians to use the photos in publications. Some schools write to all parents asking them to make contact with the school if they object to photos being published.
• The evaluation should be submitted online at www.jcsp.ie. More details below.